Podiatry Treatments in County Limerick

Often, common conditions of the foot and lower limb require more advanced techniques to properly and completely treat. Tony lLston is qualified and experienced in diagnosing and treating more serious and painful issues affecting patients.

Our advanced podiatric treatments can involve minor surgery using local anesthetic to minimize or elimate discomfort during the procedure and ensure it is as painless as possible.

Common Podiatric Treatments Include:

  • Cryo Surgery

    This process uses a cryosurgical delivery system that converts nitrogen oxide gas into a liquid at -88° Celsius and delivers it into the affected area of the foot with pinpoint precision.   This method of treatment prohibits recurrence of the lesion and doesn’t affect the surrounding skin due to its accuracy.

    Our Cryosurgical Treatments are usually completed in one visit, and patients can resume their normal daily life immediately without having dressings or bandages applied.

  • Nail Surgery

    Despite our best efforts at treating problems of the toe nails, there are some circumstances that require the partial or full removal of the patient’s problem nail. If your nail has not responded to previous treatments, we can utilise soft-tissue surgical techniques and local anesthetic to to remove your problematic toe nail in the safest and most pain-free way.

  • Diabetic Foot Treatment & Assessment

    Foot health problems are one of the most common reasons for admission to hospital for patients living with diabetes.  Due to diabetic peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage) patients can suffer damage to the foot and lower limb without becoming aware of the problem.  This can be compounded by common circulatory problems in which reduced blood flow to the lower extremities limit the ability of the body to heal. Diabetes also affects the body’s immune system and inhibits its ability to fight off infection. Small infections may rapidly progress to the death of the tissue, possibly requiring the amputation of the affected foot and lower leg to save the patients life.

    If you are living with diabetes, we provide services to maintain foot health including full neurological and vascular assessment. The report from this comprehensive assessment will subsequently be sent to your GP and we will work together on protecting your lower limbs and improving your quality of life.