Complete Foot Care by Tony Liston

Are you experiencing problems with your feet, legs, back or neck?  It’s possible that you need to see a Chiropodist / Podiatrist.  Small problems like ingrown toenails, corns, or a slight problem in your gait can affect your entire body.

Proper treatment of these issues through chiropody, podiatry or orthotics can greatly reduce related pain throughout your body, increase your quality of life and even increase your athletic performance.

Contact our surgery today to see how our experience in treating maladies of the feet and lower limb can get you back on your feet and feeling great!

Experienced Chiropodist / Podiatrist

  • BSc in Podiatric Medicine from Sunderland University
  • Practical training from the SMAE Institute
  • Bio-mechanic Training and Diploma from the SMAE Institute
  • Diploma in Minor Surgeries from Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Member of the Irish Society of Chiropodists
  • Registered and Practicing with the HSE
  • Podiatry Consultant – St Ita’s Hospital , Newcastle West, Co. Limerick

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Tony Liston has vast experience helping patients with the following issues:


Our patients routinely get relief from their foot related problems in as little as one visit. Issues treated include Corns, Callus, Ingrown Nails, Fungal Infections and More.

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Advanced podiatric treatments can include Cryo Surgery & Nail Surgery to treat more complicated issues as well as assessing and treating diabetic foot complications.

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Our feet have a direct impact on our entire body, and when a problem develops in our feet the subtle change in the way we walk can cause a chain reaction through our bodies.

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